Migrating Existing Blogs to Blogofile

Unless you’re starting a brand new blog from scratch, you’re probably going to want to migrate an existing blog to Blogofile. When migrating, you have to consider several things:

  • Migrating existing blog posts.
  • Migrating existing blog comments.
  • Migrating permalinks and other search engine indexed URLs.



Before you bring your Wordpress blog offline, install the Disqus wordpress plugin. With this plugin, you can export all your comments from your wordpress database offsite into your Disqus account.

In your blogofile config file, set the blog.disqus.enabled and blog.disqus.name settings appropriately.


Download the converter script:

Install SQL Alchemy:

easy_install sqlalchemy

If your database is MySQL based, you’ll also need to download MySQLdb, which you can apt-get on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb

If you’re using some other database, install the appropriate DBAPI.

Edit wordpress_schema.py:

  • table_prefix should be the same as you setup in wordpress, (or blank “” if none)
  • db_conn point to your database server. The example is for a MySQL hosted database, but see the SQL Alchemy docs if you’re using something else.

In a clean directory run the export script:

python wordpress2blogofile.py

If everything worked, you should now have a _posts directory containing valid Blogofile format posts which you can copy to your blogofile directory.

Moveable Type

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